Retirement can often bring with it increasing boredom, because of this, every opportunity will be given for you to continue with your previous interests. Such interests may include cooking, gardening (we have two raised vegetable beds as well as many baskets and tubs planted by ourselves), knitting, painting, general household interests, etc.. You may like also to try something new. Please discuss your interests with the staff who will be pleased to give what assistance is possible. Television, music centre, various board games and newspapers are available. Regular entertainment is provided including appearances from "Music for Health" and "The Land Girls". Crossword puzzles are a favourite in the Lounge. As well as attending local churches if you wish, you may invite your own Minister of Religion to visit you at the Home.

Doctors: New residents can remain on their doctors list if they wish provided the doctor is willing to visit. If this isn't possible, then you may choose a doctor in the locality. We are very close to both Southbourne Surgery and Beaufort Road Surgery. Residents of the Home are entitled to all the services and benefits of the National Health Service just as they were before entering the Home.
Illness: In cases of minor ailments you will be cared for at the Home and only moved to hospital if it is medically necessary.
Medical Consultation: Should the situation warrant, the Home will always contact the doctor if you fall ill or have an accident. Should you wish to consult your doctor on any other occasion you should feel free to do so. You may consult with your doctor without any member of the staff being present.