Coniston Lodge provides Social Supportive and Standard levels of Care for the elderly, is registered for 7 residents and was established in 1976 by Chris and Daphne Bailey and is now run by Stephen and Katrina Bailey.

Mel Bailey is the registered manager.

We are proud of our staff at Coniston Lodge and obtain full references and DBS checks prior to employment. It is our aim to have all staff with NVQ qualifications in Care.

If you decide to join us at Coniston Lodge, we will provide you with as normal a home life as possible in a relaxed family like environment and respect individual preferences and dignity, at all times.
It is your right to be alone if you wish and to be undisturbed, both in personal terms and in relation to your affairs.

We will provide accommodation, board, laundry services, and personal care to ensure the complete welfare of each resident. We are happy to cater for any special dietary requirements.

If, after discussion and consultation with your relatives, family Doctor or social worker and ourselves, you decide to join us at Coniston Lodge, we would like you to know that it is our wish that it should be a rewarding and happy experience.

Whatever your decision, we wish you well.

Stephen and Katrina Bailey, Proprietors